Take Your Netflix Subscription To Europe From Next Year


Netflix has changed the manner in which we used to get entertained. All the content on cable TV has now come up on network TV apps as well as collaborative network TV such as Netflix. For instance, if you want to catch a NBA match, you can see that on cable TV with ads, or on NBA app without ads but on a high subscription fee, at last on Netflix with very low charges and no ads, quality selection options and a lot of tools to use from.

Netflix has converted regular TV into a YouTube analogous market where we can watch our favourite shows and movies on demand whenever wherever we want. Since majority of our devices including watches have digital screens now, we can just install Netflix app on any device, sign in with our account and watch the content.

Netflix and its popularity

Netflix and its popularity

Netflix has been an analogous because of its popularity and ease of use. There are also other apps but they have restrictions and that is where Netflix pries upon. Netflix also has dedicated studio productions called Netflix originals which you can legally watch over this network only. If you are a TV and movie buff, these definitely are the shows you would not be able to live without.

Shows like Jessica Jones and Marvel’s daredevil are of such a niche and quality which has never been seen before. Netflix original content is gaining popularity and this platform has been able to almost all major OS users that is why it is popular. Major internet TV hardware developers like Roku, Chrome cast and apple TV too have collaborated with and added Netflix to their arsenal.

Features of Netflix

Netflix users also have a variety of features at their disposal which others might not offer. One of them is that Netflix is officially active in more than 190 countries. Most of the content on Netflix is dubbed into native language for people to understand. It is also provided with native subtitles of the content for hearing impaired to understand.

Features of Netflix

However since most of the countries understand English so it is preferred. But this vast presence has also lead to heterogeneity. All users pay on the same paying scale to Netflix but its services vary from country to country. Each country has a difference in channel viewership and content. If you are roaming internationally, chances are that many of your channels and programs will disappear in new country.

Roaming and content discrepancy issue

British council has tried to eradicate this issue and have put forward a proposal. The proposal says that when people from Britain will travel to other countries in European Union, they can keep their existing subscription of Netflix for a limited period of time on that country. However, since BBC iPlayer does not verify country at time of sign up, this will not employ on it.

However even this proposal is not a complete way out. Many times users of countries where Netflix is available legally, use VPN and change their country, preferably to USA in settings so that they can see the content which is blocked in their country by Netflix.

This heterogeneous nature of service has been criticised by users from a very long time but not only Netflix, amazon prime and other online service providers too are using this operating methodology. We hope that this temporary measure will lead to something permanent. Ideally, everyone in the world using Netflix and paying same price must be entitled to same content as anyone else in the world.

For instance, Narcos was a big hit on Netflix and is scheduled for a renewal for second season, but legally it is not aired in majority of countries. This must be eradicated as soon as possible. If it doesn’t happen, then better take the help of a tech support.