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What Are Netflix Prepaid Cards And How To Use Them?

Netflix Prepaid Cards

Using Netflix prepaid cards is simple and works as an alternative to credit cards in paying for a subscription. The feature, also called a gift card, can be used by subscribers and by those who do not yet have an account on the site.

I already have a Netflix subscription. Can I use the prepaid card?

Netflix subscribers can use prepaid cards. The monthly fee is deducted from the balance of the card, according to the plan used. When you are not a user when you purchase the card, you receive a free month of service, and when the free period ends, you will have the monthly amount of the plan deducted from the card.

I am not a subscriber, but I want to use the prepaid service. Do I need to enter my credit card information?

It is not necessary to enter your credit card information to use the Netflix gift card. You only need a prepaid card, email address, password and zip code.

How do I use the prepaid card to pay for my subscription?

Once purchased, simply scrape the part indicated on the back of the card and enter the code on the page (

If you already have a service account, you can also enter the card code on the “Your Account” page ( According to Netflix, the balance available on the prepaid card will be added and the next payment of your subscription will be made through that balance.

If it is insufficient to pay the monthly payment, the user can choose to use more than one gift card. To do this, simply enter the codes of each card and the amount will be added to your account.

Where do I find prepaid cards and how much do they cost?

There are three options for Netflix prepaid cards, $30, $70 and $150. Currently, they can be found in all major retail stores across the United States. If you have checked out in all the stores in your locality, but haven’t found those prepaid cards, then you should check online if you could buy the cards online.

Is it possible to redeem Netflix prepaid cards from iTunes or Google Play billing for the service?

It’s not possible. The tip given by Netflix itself to get around this situation is to cancel the account and restart it using the gift card.

What happens when my prepaid card balance is not enough to pay my monthly fee?

When the value of the account is too low, Netflix sends a reminder via e-mail. When there is no more available balance, you need to insert a new prepaid card or join another form of payment to continue watching movies and series through the site.

That’s all about Netflix prepaid cards and how you can get and use them. If you still have any doubts or want to ask anything, then you better get in touch with Netflix tech experts. They will assist regarding all your queries.

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