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What Is Findflix And How It Makes Search For Netflix’s Movies And TV Shows Easier?

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With Netflix becoming an integral part of our day-to-day entertainment, we have completely forgotten how it used to be before the arrival of Netflix. When we had to watch a movie, we didn’t have any option but to go to a store named ‘Blockbuster’, and look in the hallways for something interesting to watch on DVD or VHS tape.

After half an hour in the corridors of the video store, we paid for each title and we could only use them for a few days. And, when we forgot to give it back on time, a late fee was charged. The dark season for those who liked movies a lot.

Nowadays, when we want to watch a movie or series, just open Netflix on the TV, computer, gaming console, smartphone or tablet. Instantly we have hundreds of films, series, and documentaries to choose from. It is truly amazing, but at the same time, it could also be considered as a double-edged sword. If you want to know that is possible, then just wait, I’m going to tell you the reason.

With Netflix recommendations going incessant changes to new Netflix originals, sometimes, it becomes very hard to select the right titles from the a wide range of options. What it does is that it confuses us rather than making us excited about the content. Having too many options to choose from sometimes make things harder, which is why many Netflix users don’t go through the recommendations anymore.

They just content with the shows that they were previous watching or similar kind of shows. They don’t want to try anything new because they have way too many options to select from. However, there is great news; there is an extension of Google Chrome, which makes it much easier to find new titles.

It’s called FindFlix and can be downloaded for free from the Google Chrome Web Store. With this extension installed on your Google Chrome browser, you will be given recommendations based on your watch and rating history, which appears in a small box that sits above the Netflix home page on your PC, whether Windows or Mac.

This feature will be a game changer in the days to come, as it will allow users to find new titles, especially the ones related to their interests quite easily. If you are trying to get that plugin, but are not able to download it, then you should consult Netflix support providers regarding the same. They are the best bet when it comes to issues like these

It is pretty evident that the Netflix catalog has grown bigger over the years, which is why it is easy to get confused. However, you should avoid getting confused while looking for new TV series and movies to watch. This plugin provides an efficient solution to this problem. It has also been updated to allow you to browse through all the hidden genres that is used by Netflix to categorize content behind the scenes, which is another excellent way to look for new content to watch.


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