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What Is ‘Netflix Error 1006’ And How To Fix It?

Netflix is a top streaming app/channel that is being used millions and billions of people in the world. Netflix works fine with all streaming devices, but as of late, people are facing issues with the app. The error they are getting is ‘Error 1006’, and the device that they are using is Apple iPhone. They don’t know as to what has resulted in that error. But, they certainly want to get rid of it.

Netflix Error 1006 arise due to poor internet connectivity. When the internet connection is not working right, then it can lead to such an error. People will have to make sure that the internet speed that they are getting is good because it is limited or poor, then that will result in an error. People can check and improve the speed by disconnecting all other devices that are connected to the same wireless network because of the congestion in the network.

Another reason for getting this error could be the Netflix app. The problem could arise if the app hasn’t been installed properly or has got some missing files. So, you are now aware of all the reasons that could result in Netflix error 1006. There is no point in discussing the causes of the problem, so let us also discuss the solution as well because ultimately, people want to eradicate this problem from their Netflix app.

  1. Reboot your device: Rebooting your device is the first line of troubleshooting. You need to reboot your device, so press the power button, turn off the device, wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. With this, the memory of the device will refresh, thus making all the malfunctioned programs work again.
  2. Reset network settings: You can reset current network settings of the wireless connection that you are using. To do that, here are the steps that you need to follow:
    1. Open device settings.
    2. In settings, go to ‘General’.
    3. You will see an option named ‘Reset’ on the screen, so click it.
    4. After you click ‘Reset’, all network settings will change to factory defaults.
    5. Now, you should play a video in the Netflix app, and if it works, then the solution has worked for you. Moreover, the internet is also working fine.
  3. Reinstall Netflix: If you think that there is some problem with the app, then you can uninstall it, download it from the app store and install it again.
  4. Hard Reset: If the problem hasn’t solved after trying all the aforementioned steps, then you can try hard resetting the media streaming player. Here is how you can do that:
    1. Press ‘Home’ button and then, ‘power’ button on your device. With this, ‘reset’ menu will open. You need to click ‘turn off’ option. You won’t get any ‘hard reset’ option on Apple iPhone. So, you can only turn it off and on.
    2. Reset ‘network’ settings.

Now, you will have to delete Netflix app from your iPhone and download a new copy from Apple App Store. To activate Netflix, you will have to go to Netflix com activate web page and enter the details that are with you.

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