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What Is Netflix Error Code 100, H7361-1253-80070006 And S7111-1101? How To Fix Them?

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Check out the process of how to fix three of the most common Netflix errors. The error codes are Netflix Error Code 100, H7361-1253-80070006 and S7111-1101. Take a thorough look at the blog post to find out how to fix these errors.

Netflix is the world’s most sought after streaming service. However, the service is not flawless, as people have experienced several errors in the service from time to time. Three of the most common errors that Netflix users are dealing with is Netflix Error Code 100, Netflix Error Code H7361-1253-80070006 and Netflix Error Code S7111-1101. Let’s find out how to fix these errors.

Netflix error code 100

If you see this error code, then there will be a message accompanying it as well, which will say, “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service (-100)”

This error code indicates that there is some issue with Netflix app or the data stored on your device. To fix it, you have to refresh Netflix data.

Error code 100 appears if you are using Netflix on your smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, so you don’t have too many options to refresh your data.

Here is how you can get rid of that error code:

  1. Restart the device on which the error has appeared.
  2. Connect to another internet connection if it is available.
  3. Restore the default settings of your Amazon Fire TV.

Important: All the data that is stored on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick will be removed by following aforementioned steps, so make sure to have a backup of that data.

Netflix error code H7361-1253-80070006

Here is the message you will see on the screen after getting this error code

 “Oops! Something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred. Reload the page and try again.”

This error code means that your browser version is outdated, and so you will have to update it.

In case, this error appears on Internet Explorer or MS Edge, then you will have to add Netflix as a trusted site. For that, follow these steps:

  • Launch Internet Explorer followed by clicking on the Gear icon or Tools.
  • Choose internet Options > Security > Trusted sites > sites.
  • Uncheck the box given corresponding to Require server verification.
  • Check out any options related to Netflix in the websites: field and if you have find some, delete it.
  • Click the option named Add this website to the zone followed by entering *
  • Click Add and then, Close.

Netflix error code S7111-1101

You are going to see the below-mentioned message when you receive this error.

“Oops, something went wrong … Unexpected error. Reload the page and try again.”

This code appears when there is some problem with cookies in Apple Safari browser that are used on Mac computers. To fix this error, you will have to clear your Netflix cookies, which you can by visiting

The majority of Netflix error codes starting with S7111, including S7111-1957-205002, S7111-1957-205040 and S7111-1101, etc., have cookie issues on Macs, but it is not necessary that every error has something to do with cookies.

You will have to delete Netflix data on your Mac after analysing the error code you are seeing on the screen. Here is what you will have to do:

  • Open Safari.
  • On the left corner of Safari browser, Click on the Safari menu.
  • Go to Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and website data.
  • Go to the option named Details or Manage website data.
  • Search Netflix.
  • Choose Delete > Delete now.
  • Exit Safari followed by trying Netflix again.

Note: If you receive Netflix error code S7111-1331-5005, then that means your payment method hasn’t been updated. If your receive S7111-1331-5059 error code, then that means, you are using a proxy or VPN to access the platform.

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