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What Is Netflix Error M7702-1003 On Windows PC And How To Eliminate It?

Errors in a streaming service are inevitable, and Netflix is no exception. You will find a number of errors in Netflix. Some of those can be eradicated by activating the service by visiting Netflix com activate the link. We will discuss one of the most common errors in Netflix, i.e., M7702-1003.

Do you know the best way to kill boredom? Well, if you had asked me this question 10 years ago, then I would have told that maybe YouTube or some other video sharing site, but things have completely changed in the past few years after one company, yes, that one company was launched into the market. Netflix came out with such features, which were never seen or heard before, and the company was able to make its place in the hearts of the people through those features amalgamated along with a seamless functionality.

Netflix is an online service that consists of a wide range of top quality content. People who are looking to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, which are not easily available on the market, they can opt for free Netflix. The ability of Netflix to stream digital content to any media device is what makes it so special. If you are not able to sign into your Netflix account, then you can go to sign in help link.

If you own a Windows 10 PC, then you can easily stream your favorite shows and movies. But, in the recent times, there has been an issue, which is depriving people of their favorite content. There is an error, i.e., ‘M7702-1003’, which is being displayed on the web browser while streaming content on Windows PC. With that error message, there is a message as well, which is displayed after doing Netflix activate. This is the exact message:

“Oops, something went wrong. Missing component. We are not able to determine all required components to play Netflix on the device. You need to visit Chrome://components, locate WidevineCdm component and then, click ‘Check for update’ button.

Netflix Error M7702-1003: What this error is exactly?

When you try to see shows list and then, select a show, this is what you see. Ideally, the show must start after buffering, but that doesn’t happen. The video stops followed by displaying the error, which we have discussed above. The root cause of the issue is the Netflix com login extension, i.e., WidevineCdm. Though this extension is only used for Chrome browser, so this error will only be displayed on Chrome browser. This error could also come because of changes that are being done in the security settings. Here are the troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix this issue.

To fix the issue, you can try updating Widevine content decryption module. If you want to do it, then you will have to check if there is an update available for this plug-in. There is also a chance that the antivirus program that you have installed or the firewall system that is present could be preventing this Module from updating properly. You can get in touch with Netflix help center if you want. Or, you can disable the antivirus and firewall, update the module and then, enable antivirus and firewall program. You can check if the plugin is enabled by typing chrome://components. Once you do so, hit ‘Enter’ key.

You will then have to locate this module and then, select the option that says, ‘check for update’. You will have to restart your browser after you see ‘component update is visible’ status on the browser. If you try Netflix this time, it is going to work, and you can check it by typing chrome://plugins. Once you type it, press enters key.

From past experiences, it has been observed that Netflix doesn’t malfunction too often, and even when it does, it can be resolved quite easily. If you are using Netflix app and dealing with an issue, then you can uninstall the Netflix app, reinstall a fresh copy of the app, go to www Netflix com activate the link and activate your Netflix.

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