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What Results In Error 16003 While Streaming From Netflix On Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast has been in the market from now around three years. Google Chromecast 1 was launched in October two years back and is quite easy to use. This device, as critics acclaimed was going to suffer the same fate as Google Cardboard. Since Cardboard was a cheap device, it went out of business in just a month.

Why was Chromecast an instant hit?

However Chromecast is a device that is cheap and easy to setup, but it is also a full-fledged device and has all the features which Roku and Amazon Fire TV offers. This device is a small and modular device. It is very flexible. It has flatline flexi cables which allow it to connect even to the most remote locations.

This device works on the wireless internet and has its independence features. It can be controlled majorly by any device. Any Android or iOS-powered device can control it from its setup to routing data. It can also be controlled via PC. You can also perform Netflix download in Google Chromecast.

PC though does not have a native app as suggested by Chromecast but has been provided with an interface inside friendly environment. But, Netflix app is available on Chromecast, so you can perform Netflix app download on Chromecast.

Chromecast 2:

It has bumped up hardware specs as announced by the company. Initially introduced as a TV viewing and streaming device, it has its own app store now.  This hardware now is supported by thousands of players in TV viewing as well as smartphone apps. The interface is also very friendly and easy to use. There is nothing to be installed on Chromecast.

If you have a smartphone running the latest version of OS, just install Google Chromecast apps on it along with Google Cast app and you are ready to go. Your smartphone will act as source and Chromecast will stream the content on it. This feature slims the need of heavy resources for Chromecast.

Video quality:

However, everything comes at a cost. The cost of modularity and ease of use has been suffered at video quality. While other heavy haulers are offering a 4K resolution, this device offers an HD ready 720p screen resolution. Though it is also great to view it might be a deal breaker for many.

Netflix has also come up on this platform and its services are being offered in 720p. As a result, everything runs smooth and using Netflix right from a smartphone as a remote control as well as source is a charm. Though there has been an issue with it lately from past couple of days. You can easily perform Netflix activation process by going through www Netflix com activate the link.

The issue:

Netflix streams great but users are getting an error code of “16003” along with disrupting in streaming. This decreases the quality of streaming as well as it results in no streaming. There have been plenty of potential solutions by Google support as well as forum users some of which have been described below.

Mostly it is about internet connectivity. This issue is caused mainly by internet distortion. However, if you are getting a mediocre quality of the video, chances are that internet is being bottlenecked somewhere. If possible, then take Netflix TV help from an expert. Try to increase the connectivity and issue will be resolved. If you are getting no video, check the date and time settings, if they are tampered with then correct them and again look into the issue.

Even if after these resolves the issue persists, try soft resetting Chromecast. By soft resetting, it means to restart it. If that does not work, try factory resetting it. Factory resetting rolls back all your manual settings to best video settings and even after that there is an issue, your Chromecast needs to be repaired. If the problem is on Netflix, then you should go to help Netflix link and seek urgent assistance.

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