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What To Do When Netflix Full Screen Not Working?

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A movie can only be fully enjoyed if you are watching it on the big screen or via full-screen mode. But, what are you going to do when you find that Netflix full screen not working? I am sure it will be a big jolt because the reason you have subscribed to Netflix in the first place is get your daily dose of entertainment, but problems like that ‘full screen not working’ can be very irritating.  

The problem of full-screen mode on a PC or device indicates that the information on your web browser needs to be refreshed. If you are not being able to use full-screen mode while watching videos on Netflix, then there is no need to worry, as I have got some solutions that have worked for others, so I believe those will work for you as well.

Solution 1: Troubleshoot web browser

You can do this in three steps, and hope the problem gets resolved:

  1. Clear cookies.
  2. Restart web browser.
  3. Try a different browser.

Clear cookies

By clearing cookies, any corrupt or outdated settings on your web browser’s cookie file will be resolved. Here are the steps that you can follow to clear cookies:

  1. Go to ‘’ to clear Netflix cookie.
  2. You will be automatically signed out of your Netflix account, and are redirected to home page.
  3. You need to sign into your Netflix account.
  4. Try to play your video in full-screen

If these steps don’t fix the problem, then you need to restart your web browser.

If restarting the problem fixes the problem, then that’s the end of solution for you, but if not, then you need to try playing the video on a different web browser.

Netflix supports Firefox (version 47 or later), Google Chrome (Version 37 or later), Internet Explorer (Version 11 or later), Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10) and Opera (Version 33 or later). Other requirements include resolution of 720p to 1080p, but it is based on the web browser. If you are using MS Edge, then the streaming resolution can go up to 4K, so you will have to get an HDCP 2.2 compliant connection.

You need to make sure that your PC fulfills all the requirements to play anything on Netflix.

Solution 2: Uninstall & reinstall Silverlight Plugin

The Silverlight plugin is a plugin for a web browser that allows you to watch videos on your computer.

If you find that Netflix full screen not working, then you may have an outdated or corrupted version of Silverlight plugin. You will have to uninstall and then, reinstall Silverlight plugin. For that, you can follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Shut down all the web browsers that you’ve opened.
  2. Go to ‘Control Panel’.
  3. Go to ‘programs’.
  4. Select the option named ‘uninstall a program’.
  5. Find ‘MS Silverlight’, select it and then, select ‘Uninstall’.

Now, you need to install the most recent version of Silverlight plugin, and here is how you can do that.

  1. Go to ‘Com’.
  2. Select and play any video.
  3. Select ‘Install Now’.
  4. Select ‘Save File’. The file is going to be present in ‘Downloads’ folder.
  5. Select ‘Run’, and then, select ‘Install Now’.
  6. Click ‘Close’.
  7. Launch your internet browser followed by launching Netflix.

This will fix the problem, and you will be able to watch any video on Netflix in full-screen mode.

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