What’s Special In Netflix’s Smartphones Only Subscription?

Netflix is trying hard to build a market in India, which is why the company has come up with an idea to add new subscribers who are interested in watching content on smartphones only. Let’s find out what the whole concept is and what it can do for the company.

Netflix subscribers continue to increase with each passing day, but even, then the company is constantly looking for new ways to increase revenue. It is now present in almost all areas of the world, but the price differences between countries are enormous. What users are charging in the US may or may not be the same in other countries, which is why Netflix has to come up with a flexible approach. For instance, in India, the cost of a Netflix subscription is way higher than what it is in the US, which is why not many people in India have subscribed to Netflix so far.

Fierce competition certainly does not help. In fact, in the eastern country, very similar and cheaper services are available, such as Prime Video, Hotstar, and SonyLiv. In this context, Netflix grows very slowly. For this reason, the company has come up with a new online service. This is a subscription, which will be available only for smartphones. In fact, there are many people who watch films, documentaries and TV series from their mobile device and the time has come to satisfy their needs with an ad hoc tariff.

Netflix: the low-cost smartphone subscription is coming

The online streaming platform is certainly no stranger to experiments. Alongside several tests to increase the cost of subscriptions also in Italy, it is trying to find new ways to reach the heart and the portfolio of consumers. India will soon be the country where a new type of low-cost subscription will be tested, which can be used exclusively on smartphones. This is what emerges from the Economic Times magazine, which published an article revealing a new service coming to the Indians.

The subscription will cost only 250 rupees, which correspond to around $4 and will allow people to enjoy content only on the smartphone. This rate is about half of what users currently pay in India, which is very expensive for most citizens. Probably Netflix will propose it starting from October 2019 and will carefully monitor the response of the public. If the experiment is successful, maybe it will also be offered in other areas of the world.

With this move, the company intends to grab the large slice of the Indian market that until now has never registered with any of the proposed monthly plans. Netflix is making a great effort to penetrate this market: for example, it has expanded its catalog by inserting ad hoc content, such as 12 TV series and films set in the country. India is a key area for the company’s strategy. It is no coincidence that the smartphone subscription is presented first in this country. Right here, mobile devices are the main source of information and entertainment.

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