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What’s The Reason For The Absence Of Netflix App From Xfinity X1 TV Box?

Netflix in xfinity

A vast majority of people are using streaming apps on Xfinity X1 TV box because it is a feature packed device that has been sufficed excellent for binge-watchers. Netflix, one of the most sought-after the app is also being used by people on Xfinity X1 TV Box, but some people are experiencing issues while accessing Netflix. Today, we will be discussing this particular problem along with its most suitable solution.

Xfinity X1 can support streaming apps like Netflix, so if you own this device, then you can easily install Netflix app on it, and watch your favorite content online. Now, if you are unable to find Netflix content on Xfinity X1, then there is no need to hit the panic button. You can follow below-mentioned steps to find out as to why Netflix isn’t working on Xfinity X1, and how to restore the functionality of the same.

Troubleshooting Xfinity X1 when you can’t see Netflix:

There are some prerequisites that you need to see before performing the main steps:

  1. You need to check whether Netflix app is available on X1 Apps menu or not.
  2. Press ‘Xfinity’ button on your remote control.
  3. Navigate to ‘Apps’ and click on the same.

If you are unable to see Netflix in the list of apps and are also not finding Netflix content within Xfinity On Demand, then there could be one of the three reasons.

  1. There is a possibility that you don’t have all the things that are required to receive Netflix app. You need to get in touch with Netflix help and support providers in order to find out as to what you need to get Netflix working on X1.
  2. There are chances that your X1 TV Box isn’t compatible with Netflix app. You need to confirm this thing by getting in touch with Netflix support facility. If your X1 TV Box is in fact not compatible, then you should find out a way on how to exchange your TV box.
  3. Maybe your X1 TV box is compatible, but something has gone wrong with the hardware, which is creating problems with Netflix app. You will have reboot X1 TV box in order to fix the problem.

If you are sure that the X1 TV box is compatible because you were using Netflix before, and have tried multiple steps like rebooting, reinstalling the app and other workarounds, then you will have to get in touch with Netflix support providers in order to find a suitable way of getting rid of this problem. They will be able to assist you in the most precise manner.

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