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Which Mobile Plan Is Offering Free Netflix Service?

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In this modern world, the mobile has no longer remain a calling device. You can do multiple tasks on it. You can change it as a source of entertainment when you want to soothe yourself with soft music.

The companies have also started providing services accordingly. They know the demand level of each user and accordingly, they are providing the plans for internet on the smartphones. There are some companies who have already tied up with streaming media service in order to provide free video service to the users.

Although these services will not solve the purpose completely, they will somewhat satisfy them with particular service. The bundled freebies will save their hard earned money and even provide the best content for streaming online. Apart from this, the best part of this service is that this service is provided free of cost to the customers.

For AT&T users

AT&T is offering free Netflix service on its platform with unlimited plans. You don’t need to subscribe to the service individually. The only thing required is DirecTV Now login from your browser and click on the complimentary service provided by the company. It will be good for your pocket. The main advantage of this pack subscription is that you will get free data along with top-class streaming services.

For Sprint users

Users who have subscribed to Sprint wireless service will get free of cost streaming for Netflix streaming app. You will get unlimited data along with ad-free content on your TV. With this plan, you can save $7 a month. If you want to subscribe to Netflix service, then you need to spend $11.99. However, if you want to watch ad-free content, then you are required to pay $39.99 a month.

For T-Mobile users

Two different services are being offered by this company. One service which is promoted and advertised by the company is Free-Netflix which was launched earlier in 2017. If you have subscribed to 2 or more lines with an unlimited data plan, then you will get free of cost Netflix subscription on your device. You don’t need to pay $10.99 a month for this pack.

If you have subscribed to single line T-Mobile, then you can take free of cost subscription for MLB. If you have subscribed to $115.99 plan, then we are sorry to say that you can’t watch home team and games on MLB. If you pay for service, then you can watch miles away from game on your TV without any problem. In case you have subscribed to this service after 2017, then you won’t be able to get this service for free.

For Verizon users

This company is offering free NFL streaming with no special video bonanza. If you are using any NFL mobile app, then there will be no special offers for you along with Verizon wireless service provider. Those who are using Verizon’s landline service will able to stream Netflix for free. The user only requires login for the triple-pay bundle.

So, if you want to watch Free Netflix content on your TV, then you need to put some efforts to find out which internet service is providing a free subscription for these streaming channels.

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