Which Netflix Subscription Plan Suits You The Best?

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Undecided about the Netflix subscription to subscribe? You better go through the details of all three subscription plans in order to find out how Netflix subscriptions work and which one is best for your needs.

Among the many online platforms for watching movies and TV series streaming, Netflix is the best platform that most people like to watch content on, despite the fact that there has been an increase in the subscription cost of the service. Netflix currently has three types of subscription, which are, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Most people don’t know which subscription has what features, so they can’t decide as to which subscription they should opt. Today, the entire discussion will be related to this particular aspect because people should know which subscription suits them the best and how much it is going to cost them.

The type of subscription a person wants depends on how he or she wants to use Netflix, because, with all three subscriptions, it is possible to access all the contents available on the platform, without limits, but in different ways and using different technologies. In any case, a person can always take advantage of the free trial month to see if Netflix suits him/her and if yes, then which subscription should he/she buy. If you too are in the same dilemma, then you should also read the post till the end to find out as to which subscription suits you the best.

Netflix: Basic subscription

The Base subscription to Netflix costs $9 per month and is a sort of gateway to the world of streaming: many of the features provided by the other two subscriptions are not available. For example, neither HD nor ultra HD (i.e., 4K) is available and all content can be viewed at standard resolution. Furthermore, you can watch Netflix only on one screen and not on two or more screens simultaneously. The basic Netflix subscription, therefore, is indicated for those who plan to watch movies and TV series only on one device at a time, typically a smartphone or a tablet. If we want to see Netflix on a large TV, in fact, at least the HD format becomes highly recommended.

Netflix: Standard subscription

The Standard Netflix subscription costs $13 per month. With this price, compared to the basic subscription, we have two advantages: the first is that we can see the contents in HD (but not in ultra HD), the second is that we can see them on two screens simultaneously. If there are two of us at home, then, it is possible to watch two different programs on two different devices simultaneously. With this subscription, you begin to taste the true potential of Netflix and for many people, the Standard subscription is the most suitable one.

Netflix: Premium subscription

The Premium subscription to Netflix costs $16 per month and is the most expensive of the three. In this case, however, you have no technological limit, as you can enjoy both HD and the ultra HD simultaneously on up to four devices simultaneously. For an average family, this subscription is perhaps the best, provided that the home is equipped with the right technology to use it 100%. For example, it is useless to download a movie in 4K if we don’t have a TV that supports this resolution. Finally, to watch streaming content in 4K you need a very fast connection, at least 25 megabits per second.

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