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Which Services In Netflix Could Be Improved To Make Home Entertainment Better?

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Netflix is a flawless streaming service in many people’s opinion. But, there are some people who believe that things can be improved in this app. What those things are and how significant are those, let us find answers to all these questions in this blog post.


Everything that we see and use these days has a room for improvement. It doesn’t matter whether it is a mechanical device, an electronic device or any other product, things can be changed or modified to improve its functionality. The same can be said for Netflix, which is one of the biggest platforms to watch high-quality movies and TV shows. Netflix is going to work fine after logging onto www Netflix com activate the link.

Netflix has it all when it comes to the features, but its subscribers still want to add some more features. It is the human tendency to ask for more from anything they use. Netflix despite having all the features lags a few things. In this post, we are going to discuss all such things that can be improved in the Netflix. We are going to know about the features that can be added to the Netflix to make it more mesmerizing for the users.

  1. Many people want to make use of the standardized rating system in the Netflix. People who are using Netflix today don’t find the current rating system as effective as it should be.
  2. Some subscribers want Netflix to be like IMDB, where they can do and give reviews about the movies and TV shows that they watch. They have contacted Netflix TV help as well to figure out how it could be done. People say that when they want to watch a certain movie, then the ratings would help them find the best ones from the lot.
  3. It is pretty obvious that most of the TV shows and movies that people see on the Netflix are full of crap. So, what Netflix subscribers need is, they need a method to filter out the good movies from the bad ones.
  4. A lot of Netflix users want to see older and top quality movies on Netflix. People want the movies from last 30 or maybe 40 years to be shown on the Netflix instead of the crappy new movies, which have no content in them. People want to have great content on such a big platform and that is perhaps the reason that they Netflix download for free.
  5. People need to think about what inside their catalogs because if they are full of terrible movies and TV shows, then that’s not good. Netflix also needs to ensure that they should provide people with quality content and not trash. This is perhaps the reason that HBO is so popular among the entertainment seekers.
  6. Some Netflix users also want an option on the Netflix to show their dissent because they want to share their views after seeing a pathetic movie or a TV show.
  7. It is extremely important for Netflix to add more and more genres in order to attract people from all backgrounds. Not everyone wishes to watch action movies.

In order to watch all the good stuff on the Netflix, it is important to do Netflix app download. The app is free, but make sure that you get it from a reliable source, otherwise, your system could experience several bugs and malware, for which you will have to take help Netflix. There are many sources available on the web where you can get the Netflix app for free. So, there is nothing to worry, as the internet has made everything simple for you.

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