Why Netflix Doesn’t Let Users Download Content?


Netflix lets its subscribers download content for offline viewing. However, some users are not able to download episodes of their favorite TV series. If you too are dealing with this problem, then go through the post to find the solution.

Trying to download the latest episode of your favorite Netflix series but can’t? Here are the problems – and solutions – that prevent downloading

In addition to streaming movies and TV series with Netflix, you can also do another very convenient thing: downloading the video files that interest us, to watch them later with calm even if we have no connection. For example, if we want to watch a movie on a plane with our laptop, or see an episode of a series with the smartphone while we are in line with the doctor.

However, this functionality has limitations, in addition to imperfections, and for this reason, it is sometimes impossible to download on Netflix. Except for technical connection problems, which obviously can prevent you from downloading movies and series from Netflix, all download limits on this platform created for streaming usually depend on contractual restrictions or specific settings. Here are the main reasons why Netflix does not let you download the titles and how to solve the problem in each of these cases.

You can download up to 100 titles

Netflix has a limit to the files that can be downloaded: on all your devices connected to a single Netflix account, in fact, you can keep a maximum of 100 titles. Most users do not know or do not notice, because the number is quite high, but if you are a collector of TV series and movies then you might run into this bottleneck. If you want to download an extra movie, then, you must delete at least one from a device connected to the account.

You can connect up to four devices to Netflix

Depending on the type of subscription you have subscribed to, Netflix limits the maximum number of devices with which you can use the service. Both for streaming and for downloading. The maximum number of devices, with a Premium subscription, amounts to four. Therefore, if you are trying to download a movie from the fifth device you will never succeed. Disconnect one of the devices and delete all the downloaded files on it and you can use another one.

Download with an expiration date

It can also happen that the download on Netflix is successful but that you, shortly afterward, cannot see the downloaded title. This is because each title has a maximum time within which it can be displayed, beyond which it “expires”. In some cases, this time is only 2 days, in others 7 or more. Finally, when the titles leave the Netflix catalog, they expire automatically even if you have already downloaded them.

The Smart Download on Netflix

Smart Download is an interesting feature of Netflix that automatically deletes an episode of a TV series after you have finished watching it and, always automatically, starts downloading the next episode. In this way, it takes up less space on your device, you reach the number of 100 downloads more easily and you always have the last episode available. However, you will not be able to review the deleted episode a second time. Make sure that the Smart Download is disabled if you plan to watch the same downloaded title several times (or if they want to watch more people with the same account).

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