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Why Netflix Is Planning To Change Its Five Star Rating Method?

Netflix Rating Method

Netflix is not happy with it current appraisal system and is planning to change it. Netflix has found the appraisal system of Facebook quite alluring and is looking to have a similar kind of appraisal system. Let us find out how Netflix is going to commence this change and what impact will it have on its user base.

Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin told a conference that others, similar to an old Facebook function, would replace the film and series appraisal system that is currently in use. Instead of evaluating content by stars, assigning a value of one to five, users can rate the best and worst movies on Netflix with “like/did not like” or “liked/disliked”; it is still unknown what the button name will be.

The TNC executive’s explanation for such a change is that the novelty should improve the recommendations that are given to each user based on the tanned content. In addition, this type of evaluation increases the participation of users, generating more votes and evaluations.

Netflix came to this conclusion after performing A/B testing with users from several countries. In the tests, the participation of people increased by an astonishing 200% compared to the star system. This increase is believed to be due to users’ familiarity with the tanned system used on Facebook as well as YouTube’s YouTube video site.

Tests have shown that most users simply do not rate the movie or series after watching it. The scheme of assigning one to five stars apparently is more complex and requires some reflection from the user about when stars deserve it. Therefore, the vast majority prefer to simply not evaluate.

In addition, star rating tends to be more subjective. For example, a movie that has an average of three stars for some people can be interpreted as good, but for others, it can be bad. Therefore, the new liking assessment system may also be more accurate in this regard.

However, by waiving the star rating, the nuances of each film are lost. Some titles are medium, which can leave many people in doubt if they “like” or “do not like.”

With the stars, this type of title could be better evaluated. To try to work around this problem, the company will add a percentage of affinity that will take into account several parameters. The closer to 100% this percentage index is, the higher the chances the movie will please you. Unfortunately, there is not yet a specific date for the changes to begin. However, Yellin said it would start in a few weeks’ time in all markets where the streaming service operates.

It would be interesting to know how users react to this change because it will be the first time Netflix is changing its customer feedback system on its content. It is important for every company to know whether its users are liking its services or not. Being the number one streaming app in the world, it becomes extremely important for Netflix to know about its users’ feedback or else it is going to lose its users very quickly.

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