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Why Xbox One Owners Are Clamouring For A Return Of ‘Netflix Party Mode’?

Netflix Party Mode

Netflix used to offer some unique functionalities on Xbox 360 such as ‘party mode’. But, Netflix removed this feature a few years ago, causing an uproar among the users because they never wanted the removal of this feature.

A few years ago, Xbox 360 users had the capability of watching their favorite Netflix movies remotely with their buddies along with synchronizing video playback. The feature was a huge hit back then, but Netflix decided to scrap it. You will not find that feature in Netflix anymore, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t want to see that feature because they want. Xbox 360 users are clamoring for that Netflix party mode, and it seems like Netflix will grant their wish. So, Netflix party mode once again will make its way back into Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

If you too are using Xbox One console and are looking to have that party mode back, then you can go to Xbox user voice website (here is the link: and vote in favor of the feature. More than 7,000 users have upvoted already and the number continues to rise as you read the post. Netflix will pay attention to the requests of the users and will definitely consider bringing back the feature that so many Xbox 360 owners want to see and access in Netflix.

Netflix party mode was one of those features that only Xbox owners used to have. It wasn’t for everybody to access, which is the reason that the request to get back that party mode is picking up the speed. The option had a huge social value, as it used to connect Xbox users and also allow them to share common experiences.

However, as the party mode is no longer available on the platform, Xbox 360 users have found several other ways to access the same feature through other tools. The most common method is to pause the content at the same time. This method can work like wonders after some practicing. The only problem that users may come across is when someone requires buffering.

A number of users are optimistic about the upcoming project Scorpio as they feel that the Netflix party mode could make its way back into the fold on this new console.

Netflix made the decision to scrap Netflix party mode in 2011, and since then, Xbox 360 users have been clamoring for the revival of the party mode because they were really digging into the feature. It’s been 7 years and users are still positive that Netflix would listen to their requests and make this feature available on the platform.

If you too are using Xbox 360 and wanting the revival of ‘Netflix party mode’ feature, then you can cast your vote on the website (link shared above). A company like Netflix who has always listened to the requests of its customers will not turn down this particular request as well. It’s just a matter of time before we see this ‘party mode’ feature back in Xbox 360.

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