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Will Microsoft Be Able To Save MS Edge With Its Move To Display 4K Netflix Content Through That Browser?

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Microsoft Edge is in a dire situation regardless of its amazing features and capabilities. The company in a move to revive its only web browser has joined hands with Netflix. Together, they are going to provide 4K content to Netflix users who browse Netflix through Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has finally gotten over Internet Explorer after having it on all of its Windows models except Windows 10. With the launch of Windows 10, the company decided to call curtains on Internet Explorer and mark the rise of ‘Microsoft Edge’. This move has been appreciated by Windows users as they too were bored using the slow and predictable interface of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge has a number of strong points like enhanced security, an intuitive user interface, and low RAM consumption. The security provided in Microsoft Edge is a lot better than Internet Explorer and all other web browsers that are available on the market. Although a few things could be added into the browser, as of now, MS Edge seems to have a definite edge over other browsers in terms of security. This has compelled people to lean on more consecrated web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, etc.

It is for this reason that Microsoft has taken its web browser marketing into the 4K spectrum. Microsoft has joined hands with Netflix to provide the best quality content to its users. Netflix is going to provide 4K quality content to its subscribers. In reality, Netflix is going to provide 4K content to its users only if they have subscribed to Netflix and are using Microsoft Edge as their primary web browser. It has been specified that 4K is going to be available on Netflix for MS Edge users, thus making it an exclusive feature.

One of the most important things that Netflix users have to keep in mind that they are meeting all hardware related requirements. Even though they are eligible for using Netflix on Microsoft Edge, they might not be able to use the 4K feature if they are not having the desired specifications to run it. In order to play videos in 4K, they will require a device that is running on i7 generation chipset along with a supported display.

Microsoft is in need of more customers for this new service, and so, they are doing every bit to lure in more customers. The company has launched two subtle attacks at Google Chrome in which it has mentioned that the users are going to benefit from using Netflix on Microsoft Edge, as the battery consumption is comparatively less when using MS Edge than Google Chrome. How true that statement is still unknown, but there has to be some weight in that statement because it is coming from a responsible company like Microsoft.

It is not sure whether Microsoft will attain success with this 4K campaign, but Microsoft Edge situation in the global market is not that great. As of now, Microsoft Edge, a browser that came all guns blazing holds no more than 5.26 percent of the total market share when it comes to the top web browsers. This is a clear indication that people didn’t buy company’s security claims and other features that were mentioned by Microsoft upon the launch of the browser in Windows 10. A lot needs to be done to make people use Microsoft Edge because the features and functionality of other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox seem to be all over the minds of users.

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