You can clear your viewing history on Netflix


So how many of you want perfect privacy? If you want to delete some watched content from the history which may take the face of embarrassment, then you can delete them easily.  

Alright, you….yes, you. The one whose watching habits on this streaming service reads like a 16-year-old damsel when you are actually a 32-year-old man. We see your One Tree Hill binge. We know that your vision caught the Katy Perry concert movie in full previously as well. Well, relax, now we’re not going to tell anyone about this and we have good news for you as well because you can omit all proofs of your shameful Netflix history with the rapid click of a button. Those who are not aware of this name, we would like to tell that Netflix is a popular online streaming service which let you watch or stream your favorite content. Trek ahead to Netflix Com Activate, so you can activate your Netflix.


The Netflix recently rolled out a new aspect which permits you to delete your viewing history, which will change the recommendations you get via this streaming service. So if you tried out Parks and Recreation but didn’t get into it (which also shows you are some kind of demon), you can erase it from your viewing history and you will stop getting urges through Netflix to give a glimpse at The Office and 30 Rock. But your eyes should be catching all three anyway so what are you even doing?!

But we all know the well-liked part of this aspect is the fact that if you share your account with your friends and family, then you don’t have to feel yourself in the state of embarrassment  when they spot that marathon watching of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. You can just vanish that sh*t and they’ll never know.

How do you start concealing your abash? All you have to do is put the suitable credential into Netflix Com login and then navigate to the activity page. You’ll see a newest “X” next to each title. If you wish to delete it from your history, just make a click on it and it’s done.


However, if you have an account set up for your children, they won’t be able to erase their watching history, means now you can catch them red handed whether they’re watching some sensible content or some inappropriate content. Or you can see your kids have been viewing Friday Night Lights and you can give them a warning to just skip the second season.

This streaming service is testing out a new “privacy mode” as well with definite subscribers because often you want your recently viewed list to be private.

Cliff Edwards (Director of corporate communications) also kept his points that they constantly check latest things on this streaming service plus he also shared his words “Choosing that option means the program will not appear in your viewing activity log, nor will it be used to determine recommendations about what you should watch in the future.”

So now comfortably watch whatever you want to watch, you can easily delete the content from the viewing history and if you haven’t activated Netflix yet, then do it now. You can easily get the Free Netflix app on Google Play Store.