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What’s going on Netflix lovers? As we are familiar with this popular streaming service, which gained many fans. Those who are already using this service are the firm proof of astonishing functionality and aspects of Netflix. If you want to stream some television series/shows, motion pictures or documentaries, then this device is an ideal option for you all. Alright so you all love the Netflix, now let us ask that how many of you are just love the photography? We know many people are nourishing the craze of photography plus it’s an art which lets you capture that specific moment which you and your eyes want to catch. If it comes to technical then explaining the sense of photography is quite hard but if we say in simple words, then photography let people praise the pics with visual magic.


Well, here we are talking about photography then Canon Australia announced that Season One of provincially conceived and produced series of adventure, Tales by Light will be available to the Worldwide Netflix viewers from, 11th of November. Good thing is that your eyes will catch the content 4K resolution, Tales by light Season One is a 6th-part series that accompany five exceptional photographers as they push the boundaries of their profession in little-known, little sheltered and little-comprehended corners of our planet. Before we step ahead to let us tell that if you haven’t activated this streaming service, then do it today by stepping ahead to Netflix Com Activate. Those whose sets are already blessed with this service only need to fill up the acceptable credentials on Netflix Com login then you are ready to stream your favorite content.


Canon Australia Director of Consumer Imaging and Executive Producer of the series Jason Mclean says, “This series is unique and started from our simple aim of celebrating the amazing visual storytellers who push the creative boundaries and it’s great that this concept resonates so well across regional divides.” According to him, Tales by Light Season One available on this streaming service is a marvellous ovation of the standard and broad appeal of the Australian-made photography series plus all the photographers are excited and this series will entertain large numbers of subscribers worldwide. Again we don’t want you to miss this amazing work on your favorite Netflix, just get the Free Netflix app from Google PlayStore.


Tales by Light Season One screened previously firstly on the National Geographic Channel subscription network in Down under nations. Unifying exploration, photography and the world of nature, Tales by Light Season One was produced locally in 2015 and provides an uncommon glimpse into the vision and minds of some of Australia and best photographic storytellers of the world.